A Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday
Court Ordered Possession

Christmas nightmare- court ordered possessionYou may live in a different town than your kid’s primary residence. And every year, it may be a gamble as to whether or not they will be there for pick up, or whether the other parent will go into radio silence.

Here are some helpful tips to avoid the nightmare:

  1. Make arrangements to pick up the children from school the day they are released. 
  2. Have a copy on hand of your court order on hand when you pick them up.
  3. Call the school in advance for any updates on early release, school performances, and pick up and drop off locations.
  4. Leave an email or text for the other parent with a general idea of the holiday plans, back-up emergency phone numbers, and where you are staying.
  5. Ensure the children wish the other parent happy holidays for as long as they wish on those days.
  6. Advise of date and time of return, even if they should already know from the court order.

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