Attorney Ricardo Barrera Weighs in on Fetus Found Next to Pipe in Mission, TX

by Ricardo Barrera

Attorney Ricardo Barrera Weighs in on Fetus Found Next to Pipe in Mission, TX

Channel 4 Valley Central News recently reported on the discovery of a fetus found near a drainage pipe at an apartment complex in Mission, TX.

Reporter, Marlane Reyna, spoke with Harlingen Attorney Ricardo Barrera of The Barrera Law Firm regarding legal responsibility.

Attorney Ricardo Barrera commented:

“The case against the woman will depend on whether the fetus was alive when it was disposed of, or was the fetus already dead when it exited the person? The medical examination will be key here, and if there’s air in the child’s lungs upon medical examination, there may be grounds for further criminal action.”

Marlane Reyna explains:

“Barrera adds that due to the political climate right now, multiple agencies from across the country could get involved depending on the charges and that many different factors could impact the case.”

Attorney Ricardo Barrera also noted that:

“[This is] one of those situations where it could also be a lack of access to healthcare for the person. Was the person, the victim of sexual assault or incest? It’s very complex in nature, but we’re going to get some questions answered, possibly about what is the effect of the current laws right now upon choice and people who are concerned about the life of a fetus.”

 The investigation continues.

Click here to see the Channel 4 Valley Central News report.

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