Benefits of Expunctions of Records of Arrest and Prosecution in Texas

by Ricardo Barrera

Benefits of Expunctions of Records of Arrest and Prosecution in Texas

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure outlines qualifications for Expunction in Texas. Some of those qualifications for Expunction in Texas have to do with whether your case was dismissed and the statute of limitations has passed, whether you successfully completed a pretrial diversion program, and whether you beat the case at trial. 

It is important to understand that Texas law does not allow for Expunctions for cases that have been through a deferred adjudication period for a Class B offense or higher; however, a Class C misdemeanor that receives a deferred adjudication may Expunge that offense.

Some of the benefits to Expunging a case are the deletion of all records of the arrest and prosecution and the ability to legally deny the arrest ever occurred. 

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