Can Cameron County Issue a Mask Mandate?

by Ricardo Barrera

Can Cameron County Issue a Mask Mandate?

As reported by Channel 4 Valley Central News, Cameron County officials are considering a mask mandate, contrary to an Executive Order issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott prohibiting local governments from doing so.

Channel 4 Valley Central News contacted Attorney Ricardo Barrera who says that a county-wide mask mandate would likely be prevented by the courts.

“They would seek an injunction that would stop, by judicial order, the county commission from being able to do that, with penalties. And if they continue to do that, that body or the people involved could be in trouble.”

Government officials who implement their own mask mandate face a $1,000 fine.

The Governor’s Executive Order does not apply to employers. Attorney Ric Barrera explains that “You’re okay to require masks in your business if you prefer it. The governor can’t stop you on that.”

If a new mandate is issued, it could only be enforced on property owned by the County and could face legal challenges.

Read the full news report here.

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