Child Custody Cases in Texas and Temporary Restraining Orders

by Ricardo Barrera

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A temporary restraining order is sometimes necessary in order to prevent or restrain various actions that are not in the best interest of the child while the court case is pending. These restrictions are called injunctions and they may go from temporary to permanent.

Examples of Injunctions

Examples of these injunctions that are necessary for the best interest of the child can be a restriction that the child not be removed or withdrawn from school, that the child may not be hidden or secreted, that there be no alcohol use while the child is in the possession of another, that no person with a finding of family violence or pending charge alleging family violence be allowed around the children, that the child’s residence not be removed from a geographic zone, and that there be no travel beyond a certain zone. Courts will review whether temporary restraining orders continue while the case is pending, whether it expires after 14 days, or ultimately, should these restrictions in the restraining order become permanent injunctions.

A temporary restraining order in a family law case may make the difference between preventing irreparable harm or whether the case becomes much more difficult or nearly impossible to bring into a state of workability for the best interest of the child.

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