Divorce: Not Always So Easy the Second Time Around

by Ricardo Barrera

You may think that after a first divorce, you’ll be much less likely to take that long walk down the aisle with another person. However, statistics indicate otherwise.  Most new divorcés will likely wed again within three years.  Unfortunately, the statistics also show that if those individuals have stepchildren, there’s a 70% chance that the marriage will fail.

A second marriage can fall apart for many reasons, if it does fall apart. One of the most common involves monetary problems that get carried over from a first marriage.  Even if this doesn’t happen, if the incomes and standards of living in the previous differ significantly, it’s possible that some family members may start making comparisons that will make the others feel uncomfortable.

Relationships that get created in a new family unit can also get complicated. If one or both of the spouses has children, then the couple will have to develop ways of dealing with each other’s offspring that are fair. And when it comes time to share the holidays with other relatives, coming up with a plan may prove exceptionally difficult.

The truth is that maintaining human relationships–whether in a first marriage or beyond–is difficult. And as the number of relationships increases, the opportunities for conflict grow and the task of keeping the peace gets harder. And even the best-intentioned people can get caught in interpersonal conflicts they could never have foreseen.

No one wants to see a marital relationship fail. But when a marriage does end, the Barrera Law Firm can help. Our experienced attorneys are here to ease you through a difficult experience with compassion and efficiency.  Contact us today!

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