Do I Need a Temporary Restraining Order For My Divorce Even If We Get Along?

by Ricardo Barrera
woman returned wedding ring to  husband

Texas law provides that one may apply for a restraining order in a divorce case to simply keep the peace, reduce problems between the parties, ensure no one sells off, gifts or gives away property, and to lay the ground rules on what happens while a divorce is pending.

A hearing is set where the matters in the original temporary restraining order are decided as to whether they remain in effect.  Other provisions such as those below are also considered:

1) alcohol around the children;

2) who has control over the home and vehicles;

3) child support;

4) visitation;

5) geographical restrictions;

6) spousal maintenance;

7) and much more.

Temporary restraining orders are a useful tool in ensuring that a well prepared and orderly divorce occurs with as little damage as possible.

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