Do You Have Grounds for a Qui Tam Whistleblower Case?

The law allows a private citizen to file suit against another individual or company who is filing false bills or claims to state and/or the federal government.  The law also provides protection to those who are “demoted, suspended, threatened or harassed” for those acts done in reference to actions related to blowing the whistle on the fraud.

According to recent government audits, as much as 10% of Medicare charges are fraudulent.  Some common examples of Medicare/Medicaid fraud include:

  • billing more than once for the same service
  • kicking back money or items of value for ordering drugs or equipment
  • charging for services not performed
  • billing for expensive equipment and providing cheaper equipment instead

In 1986, the government gave the statute more teeth and made it easier for people to bring suit against offenders. Since that time, the government has recovered over $2 billion in fraudulently gotten funds and paid out approximately $340 million to whistleblowers.

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