Does COVID-19 Relief Automatically Reduce or Forgive Child Support Payment Violations?

by Ricardo Barrera

You’ve lost your job. Your hours were cut. You are waiting for your unemployment, yet no money has come in. You are not sure how you are going to cover your bills. You can no longer afford to pay the child support you were paying because you don’t make that amount anymore. The company insurance is no longer or will no longer be available. What do you do? 

Never assume that that just by reporting to the child support office of your hardship, that your monthly child support obligations automatically reduce, or that your insurance coverage automatically bounces to Medicaid. In order for those obligations to reduce or change, one must initiate a modification of child support in order to cut this off before your credit is hurt, before you lose your passport privileges, and before you go to jail. We actively work on these motions and we can help.

You must always send whatever child support you can every month and never allow a month to go by where you pay nothing. Nothing gets a judge to question motives and credibility faster than a straight up child support obligation ignored, aka deadbeat. Even half of what you paid, if applicable, can at least buy groceries and can be explained to the judge relating to your hardship. 

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