Enforcement of Summer Visitation

by Ricardo Barrera

If you are a parent in Texas that is subject to a child support and visitation order, you most likely have the most beneficial period of visitation in the law books — summer visitation. 

Summer visitation for parents less than 100 miles away is usually 30 days and starts on July 1st unless otherwise arranged for. During that 30 days, activities can be planned, one can take their vacation days, family may be visited and bonding can be optimum.

Sometimes, despite one’s court order, the other parent will deny this period of visitation. This can be devastating for both the parent and child. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

One can do something about it, but they must act fast to preserve their makeup time while the child is still out of school. One may also put criminal and civil penalties on the other parent that is denying visitation to deter this conduct in the future.

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