Expungement of Marijuana-Related Convictions Under the MORE Act

by Ricardo Barrera

Attorney Ricardo Barrera was recently interviewed by Channel 4 KGBT Valley Central regarding the advantages of expungement of criminal records for marijuana-related offenses if the MORE Act is passed:

“Down here in the Valley, especially, you have a lot of people that are brilliant, dedicated, law-abiding people, who have one simple personal usage conviction. Maybe it was a weekend at the island, or whatever when they were 19-years-old, and that affects their entire life,” says Barrera.

“Barrera also says if approved, the MORE Act would allow for those with a past conviction from 10 or 20 years ago, to be able to get better jobs like in nursing or teaching.”

Having a criminal record can be a lifelong hindrance to basic needs such as getting an apartment, loans, or good jobs.  

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