Do You Qualify for Expunging Your Criminal Record?

by Ricardo Barrera

Have you ever noticed the section on job applications and college financial aid applications that asks you if you have a criminal record, or if you have ever been arrested?

That information is required because many employers do not hire anyone with a criminal background, and felons are not permitted to apply for federal loans for college. Perhaps you’ve considered just not mentioning your criminal background the next time you apply for a job, but the truth is your prospective employer may find out and the likelihood is that you will lose your job and your good reference.

Fortunately, for Texas residents there is a solution to the problem of a criminal record. Some Texas residents are eligible for having their criminal records expunged. A criminal record in Texas may still exist even after a dismissal, a not guilty verdict, or the completion of a pre-trial diversion program because the record of arrest and prosecution may still be visible upon a routine background check.

You might have a criminal record even if you were never convicted of a crime. If you were arrested but never charged, charged but your case was dismissed, completed a pre-trial diversion program and your case was dismissed, or you underwent a trial where you were found not guilty, you still may have a criminal record. Without an expungement, you are possibly facing difficulty getting a job, house, loan and many other things. A lawyer can help you to understand whether or not you are eligible for expungement.

If you are not sure whether or not your criminal record is eligible for expungement, contact The Barrera Law Firm to learn more about the expungement process. It is no secret that having a criminal record has negative effects on every aspect of your life. Every time you apply for a loan, job or anything that requires a background check, you know that a criminal background may have negative consequences. Expunging your record can give you more freedom and ability to get where you want to go.


Criminal Record Expungement

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