Family Law: End of Summer Troubles

by Ricardo Barrera
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Summer Vacation and Child Custody

Some of you right now, unfortunately, are running into what I call ‘the end of the summer troubles’ in Texas family law. Sometimes a parent will hold the child over from the summer vacation they’re entitled to. They hope that by holding onto the child for an extended period of time this may entitle them to get custody, that’s the wrong view.

What Judges Don’t Like

Judges don’t like children being interrupted in school, they don’t like the routines being interrupted, and they don’t like people doing things without having the court check things out before they change something big regarding a child. 

What You May Be Entitled To

Now, another thing that sometimes comes up, is a parent who is entitled to some possession didn’t get any at all. Well, did you know that you might be entitled to attorney fees, your makeup time, and the other party being penalized for that? 

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