Geographic Restrictions Regarding Child Custody in Texas

by Ricardo Barrera

Geographic Restrictions Regarding Child Custody in Texas

Can I Move?

Can you just move to another city, county, or state with the kids if you are subject to a Texas custody order or Divorce Decree?

The answer is no. First, you must check if there is a geographic restriction in place.  If there is, it must be lifted prior to a move.

Steps to Take

If there is no geographic restriction, you must give the other parent details about the move through written instrument, you must put the court/clerk on notice, and you must let the Office of the Attorney General know if you receive child support.

These cases can be complex and highly contested. It is important that an attorney be retained to assist you through this process well before any hard deadlines.

Often times, a jury trial is necessary, but one must not lose hope that both parties may agree in the best interest of the children, and that smart and meaningful negotiations may produce a fair outcome that’s best for the children.

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