Getting a Divorce During COVID-19 and Why Time is of the Essence for Some to File

by Ricardo Barrera

Getting a Divorce During COVID

In Texas, the law provides that one must wait 60 days after the filing of a divorce in order to finalize the divorce.

Due to COVID-19, many issues arise as to custody, child support and the division of property.


Some parents may be in a better position to assume custody depending on whether one is an essential worker or first responder and the other is available to homeschool and shelter at home. 

The key here is the safety of the children, reducing exposure and doing what’s best for them. Agreements by the parties are considered by the courts as well and any agreement may be modified while the divorce is pending. 

Child Support

Child support will be based on your current wages. Otherwise, it may be based on unemployment, what you should be making, or based on the needs of the kids. If you were laid off or your pay was reduced, you can include this in your divorce for fair child support if you file in a timely manner.

Division of Marital Property 

Stimulus checks will be pouring in soon to qualified recipients. Loans are available to cover business overhead and expenses. Mortgages, some credit cards, and some car payments are being deferred for up to 90 days. 

All these factors may affect the division of proper and need to be addressed in a timely fashion.

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