Getting Cited for Violating Shelter in Place or Quarantine Orders When Justified by Law

by Ricardo Barrera

During COVID-19 enforcement of health and safety directives, there will always be mistakes and injustices.

The main rule is: follow your local, state, and federal directives, and shelter in place for the health and safety of yourself and the community.

However, some of those enforcing these laws may not be aware of the frequent updates and changes that are made at the local, state, and federal levels.

They also may disbelieve you for one reason or another. Don’t argue. Move on and challenge it in court.

There is a lot of law out there clarifying what essential workers are, what exempt businesses are, and what you can go out for (child custody exchange etc). 

Can you check on your elderly parent or grandparents and ensure they are clean and fed?

Sometimes it is required that a skilled attorney sort it out with the prosecutor to show which directive had precedence or was the authority for that issue. This may require an Office of the Attorney General Opinion.

We can help you with issues like these.

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