Guardianship and Child Support for Children with Disabilities Nearing the Age of 18

by Ricardo Barrera

Do you have a child with a physical or mental disability nearing the age of 18? 

Texas law provides that regardless of disability, a person who reaches the age of 18 will be emancipated from parental guidance or control. Furthermore, it may be necessary to request child support be extended if a child nearing the age of majority requires substantial supervision due to disability going into adulthood. 

It is a crucial time for a parent or conservator to make the proper arrangements to apply for child support into adulthood due to disability, or guardianship over a child that is nearing adulthood but who is unable to take care of their own basic needs.

It is important to speak to a qualified attorney that can assist in navigating this complicated scenario. Time is of the essence and bad timing can make the future for both parent and child in these circumstances very difficult.

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