Health Care Fraud

by Ricardo Barrera
If you know of health care fraud, contact us safely and confidentially to take action and make things right.

One area The Barerra Law Firm services is health care fraud. We represent the taxpayers when a person is committing fraud against the government. What is health care fraud? Health care fraud is when a health care agency, a doctors clinic, a home hospice, a nursing home, a psychiatrist, a chiropractor, anybody is making a claim to the government for compensation on behalf of another and that claim is false.

Some types of health care provider fraud have to do with unnecessary billing, unnecessary treatment, false billing or providing a basic false picture to the government for so-called services which were never rendered and false claims have been submitted.

If an individual suspects fraud within whatever area they work in, they should come to my law office and we will inform them of what their rights are concerning reporting this on behalf of the taxpayers. One of the things that they would need to have is information or evidence to show that false claims have been provided to the government on behalf of the health care industry.

They should bring that information to The Barrera Law Firm and we will evaluate that claim so that that person can then be a party to a lawsuit on behalf of the taxpayers against that health care provider that is bringing the false claims.



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