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Ricardo Barrera & Sara Stapleton Barrera

Ricardo Barrera cares about his clients and is willing to go that extra mile to make sure that justice is done. He will speak with you on the phone during the free consultation.

Ricardo Barrera started this firm in Harlingen to ensure that constitutional rights of individuals are protected, that government waste is reported and prosecuted, and that the rights of individuals are fiercely defended.


His goals are simple:

  • To provide high quality and affordable legal services to the community
  • To be active in preserving order and securing justice
  • To make those responsible for damaging the rights of others answer to the law

He helps provide legal solutions to legal problems. He confronts any situation with care and legal expertise so that you are able to utilize all your legal options.

“Ricardo Barrera represented me at trial and got me a Not Guilty Verdict. He enforced my Constitutional Rights and shot holes into the testimony of the people that testified against me. Mr. Barrera’s arguments were better than any lawyer I have seen on television.” — J. Nava

“I never met an attorney that cared so much for my case. Thank you to Ric Barrera for helping me when I needed him most.” —R. Baltazar

“I actually saw the jury come to life when he stated my case in trial. I never will forget what he did that day. Ricardo Barrera is an attorney who really goes above and beyond for you in your legal case.” —L. Sanchez

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