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Ricardo Barrera cares about his clients and is willing to go that extra mile to make sure that justice is done. He helps provide legal solutions to legal problems. He confronts any situation with care and legal expertise so that you are able to utilize all your legal options.

“We work for our clients and make their interests our top priority. It is about understanding a client’s case completely, then representing their interests in full to obtain the proper result.”

This is what Some of our Clients have had to say

"Got Me Custody and an Increase in Child Support"

My attorney, Ricardo A. Barrera, got me custody of my child and an increase in child support despite all the threats and dirty tricks my ex-spouse and his attorney tried. I always refer everyone that needs an attorney to Ricardo A. Barrera Attorney at Law. I am very glad I know him. I still contact him to this day with minor questions and he answers them promptly and with courtesy.

"My Spouse got Nothing"

Attorney Ricardo A. Barrera represented me in trial in my divorce. My ex-spouse took absolutely nothing. Ric was on top of my case every step of the day. He fought for me every step of the way and I am very grateful to him for all his hard work.

"An Attorney that Cared"

I never met an attorney that cared so much for my case. Thank you to Ric Barrera for helping me when I needed him most.

"Federal Indictment: Case Dismissed"

Mr Barrera represented my step mother when she was indicted by the federal government for a crime she did not commit. Mr. Barrera got all charges against my mother dismissed.

"Judge Reversed"

Ricardo Barrera appealed a judge who got the law wrong on my family law case. Mr. Barrera got the judge reversed and I got me the outcome I wanted, despite how difficult and how long the case took.

"I Actually Saw the Jury Come to Life"

I actually saw the jury come to life when he stated my case in trial. I never will forget what he did that day. Ricardo Barrera is an attorney who really goes above and beyond for you in your legal case.

"Case Kicked Out Within 30 Minutes"

Attorney Ricardo A. Barrera defended me in court when I was sued for approximately $10,000 on a supposed contract claim. Mr. Barrera got the case kicked out of court, literally within 30 minutes of our first actual court appearance. I am extremely grateful I picked the right attorney. As a veteran, I was happy that his fees were reasonable and that he got me out of the jam pretty quickly, since I am the kind of person that does not like to go to court.

"All Charges Thrown Out with an Apology"

I was wrongfully arrested for protecting my property with a fire arm while camping on the beach in Port Mansfield, Texas. Attorney Ricardo Barrera personally came to see me and that same day, got me unarrested and all charges thrown out with an apology from the Sheriff’s office. Then he helped me recover my property.

"Turned it Around on the Perpetrators After He got my Case Thrown Out."

Attorney Ric Barrera successfully got my case dismissed when the Texas Board of Nursing attempted to take my license away after I reported abuse in a Texas psych ward. Mr. Barrera dismantled the case against me, got to the root of the people behind it and turned it around on the perpetrators after he got my case thrown out.

"Better than Any Lawyer I Have Seen on Television"

Ricardo Barrera represented me at trial and got me a Not Guilty Verdict. He enforced my Constitutional Rights and shot holes into the testimony of the people that testified against me. Mr. Barrera’s arguments were better than any lawyer I have seen on television.

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