Advanced Directive

A Texas advance directive is a document that allows a person to outline their health care treatment preferences if they should become incapacitated. This type of Power of Attorney is specific in that it lets a person choose another person to carry out their treatment requests on their behalf. When being able to make your own medical choices when incapacitated is impossible, an Advanced Directive gives you a chance to choose what you want to happen should anything occur. Planning your future medical choices can give you peace of mind. Advance Directives can help ensure that your choices are met.

End-of-Life Care

Advanced directives can be thought of as communicating your wishes and decisions regarding end-of-life care. Planning for this kind of future may be difficult, but it is important for every person to consider what they would want their end-of-life care to be, how they would wish to live, and what measures they would (or wouldn’t) want to be taken. 

End-of-life can be a trying time for friends, family, and loved ones who may become confused, upset, or indecisive about what care should be provided. With a legal document in place declaring your intentions clearly, health care professionals will be able to carry out your instructions and ensure that your end-of-life care is on your own terms without burdening your loved ones with making those difficult decisions. To ensure that advanced directives are prepared correctly, working with an attorney familiar with what is needed can make the process quick and simple. 

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