Medical Power of Attorney

A Medical Power of Attorney gives someone else the right to make decisions about another’s medical care. Except to the extent you state otherwise, this document gives the person you name the authority to make any and all health care decisions for you in accordance with your wishes, including your religious and moral beliefs, when you are no longer capable of making them yourself.

Medical Power of Attorney VS Living Will

Medical Power of Attorney is not the same as a living will in which an individual states which medical procedures they do and do not want to be performed. A medical power of attorney allows an individual to give a trusted person the authority to make important decisions regarding their medical care. In Texas, medical power of attorney is a durable power of attorney that will last after the individual has been incapacitated up until any of the following:

  • Until a power of attorney is revoked
  • The individual is declared or determined to be competent to make their own medical decisions again
  • A power of attorney expires, if an expiration date is listed

A Medical Power of Attorney is important if you anticipate yourself becoming unable to make decisions regarding your own medical care. Often, medical power of attorney is necessary for later-life planning and an essential component for people with disabilities or degenerative conditions. 

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