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Ending up on the wrong end of the law, whether you are guilty of an actual crime or not, is no laughing matter. It is a serious situation that deserves your utmost attention. Building a strong criminal defense strategy is important as it is all that stands between you and your freedom and heavy fines. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your defense strategy as you want to give yourself plenty of time to prepare so your defense will go smoothly when you finally have your day in court.

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"Better than Any Lawyer I Have Seen on Television"

Ricardo Barrera represented me at trial and got me a Not Guilty Verdict. He enforced my Constitutional Rights and shot holes into the testimony of the people that testified against me. Mr. Barrera’s arguments were better than any lawyer I have seen on television.

J. Nava, McAllen

"Federal Indictment: Case Dismissed"

Mr Barrera represented my step mother when she was indicted by the federal government for a crime she did not commit. Mr. Barrera got all charges against my mother dismissed.

I.P., Brownsville

"I Actually Saw the Jury Come to Life"

I actually saw the jury come to life when he stated my case in trial. I never will forget what he did that day. Ricardo Barrera is an attorney who really goes above and beyond for you in your legal case.

L.S., Edinburg

"All Charges Thrown Out with an Apology"

I was wrongfully arrested for protecting my property with a fire arm while camping on the beach in Port Mansfield, Texas. Attorney Ricardo Barrera personally came to see me and that same day, got me unarrested and all charges thrown out with an apology from the Sheriff’s office. Then he helped me recover my property.

B.C., Mission


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