Criminal Record Expungement and Criminal Record Clearing

If you are concerned that an arrest or prosecution record could interfere with your attempts at finding employment, securing a loan, obtaining an apartment, entering college or other official application process, The Barrera Law Firm offers criminal record clearing (also known as criminal record expunction).

Expungement Vs Non-disclosure

Texas law allows one to get the record of arrest or prosecution sealed so that employers, loan officers, apartment complex administrators, college admissions personnel and others cannot discover the criminal record. A record is “expunged” after a case is dismissed by the State or if the person is acquitted at trial through a petition for expunction or if the person successfully complies with a Pre-Trial Diversion program.

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Getting your record sealed can be like starting with a clean slate.

A record of arrest and prosecution can be sealed through a “Non-Disclosure” when a person receives deferred adjudication from the court—meaning they plea guilty to the offense, the court defers their plea of guilt for a period of months or years, and if they comply with the conditions of the court, for example do not get into any more trouble or stay away from narcotics or alcohol in certain cases, the guilty plea is never entered and they do not have a conviction on their record.

All applicants must be screened to verify whether they qualify under Texas law. Applications to get criminal records cleared or sealed may be subject to objection by the State depending on circumstances dealing in both current law and fact.

The Barrera Law Firm offers record expungement so that you are free to move on with your life.

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