Insurance Claims

If you need assistance to make sure your insurance company is paying enough for your property damage, we can help. We have helped with property damage claims regarding damage to roofs, cars, windows, basements, siding, and more.  

Steps to take after damage or loss

There are very technical details where insurance companies will try to reduce or justify not paying part or any of the claims. This is where we can help. Factors such as wind direction, rain damage from wind or if it was an open access area, the condition of the property before the damage, etc. In order to get the claim that you need, we help by providing information to the insurance company correctly.  To help make the process efficient:

  • Call your insurance company to report damage.
  • Take pictures and video of the damage as soon after it occurs, and ensure you record a date on the photo/video. Don’t throw anything away until your insurance adjuster tells you.
  • Make temporary repairs to prevent more damage as needed and take photos. Take photos of anything that may be pertinent to your claim.
  • Keep a list of the repairs and save receipts. 
  • Refrain from making permanent repairs before the insurance adjuster sees the damage.

Insurance Claim Undervalued, Delayed, Underpaid or Denied?

Anyone who has purchased insurance has done so to ensure that they are protected from any unexpected events like accidents, property damage, illness, natural disasters, and more. When an insurance company undervalues, delays, underpays, or even denies a claim, it is, unfortunately, often without warning or justification. Due to this,  it’s more important than ever for insurance policyholders to understand their legally protected rights. The Barrera Law Firm is here to assist with insurance claims of all shapes and sizes, including:

Car Accident Claims: An accident can result in damage to a vehicle, damage to property because of the vehicle, personal injury because of the accident, coverage for a rental car while the damaged vehicle is unavailable, and such. 

Health Insurance Claims: These costs can include hospital stays, lab tests, doctor visits, rehabilitation, surgeries, prescription medications, and more. 

Homeowner Claims: Homeowners could face damage due to robbery, vandalism, fire, wind, and more.

Natural Disaster Claims: Floods, hail, wildfires, tropical storms, blizzards, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters can cause unspeakable damage. 

If you need assistance with Insurance Claims, contact us at the Barrera Law Firm to help assist you in this process.


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