How to Pick a Divorce or Child Custody Attorney in Texas

by Ricardo Barrera

Family Court - How to Pick a Divorce or Child Custody Attorney in Texas

The practice of Family Law is a high stakes game because what you may lose, in terms of relationships with family members, you may never get back. Some attorneys will drive up conflict when there is no need for that by treating the case in a short-sighted manner, which is very expensive, while other more experienced attorneys work the case out for a long-term viable solution that may keep you out of court for the entire time the child is a minor. 

The use of temporary orders to test different variations of progress, the use of mediation, the use of court appointed representatives, and the careful attention to all the tools available to make sure a fair division of assets is made and an outcome in the best interest of the child is crucial. It’s also important that the attorney you choose has trial experience, both in front of the judge and the jury, so any vulnerability in lack of experience isn’t used against you by bull rushing a case into waters where your attorney may drown.

Look for the following attributes in choosing an attorney for Family Law cases:

  1. Did you meet them and do they speak to you in a way that you understand and that answers your questions?
  2. Are they calm and level-headed, so that they remain a cool bright thinking mind when the pressure is up?
  3. Do they have experience in the area both in bench trials and jury trials for divorces and custody cases?
  4. Do they have an office that is near you and the place where you will go to court?
  5. Do real clients leave realistic reviews about them in multiple places, ignoring competitor false reviews and paid weird reviews?

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