It’s Never Too Late

by Ricardo Barrera

It's Never Too LateHappy New Year to all of you. The holidays can often be a true opportunity to really see how children are progressing in life and what changes should be made. Some of us get a little down when we see how fast our children are growing up, the last of the cuddles and hand-holding and the start of the pre-adult changes occurring in its cycle.

Did you check the attendance and the grades? Did you meet with the teachers? How many extracurricular activities did you attend? These are only some of the indicators one could use to measure participation in your child’s development.

It’s never too late to make a bad situation better. Each passing minute is just another opportunity to turn it all around.

It only takes a minute to call. Call us if you want to make some changes to your child custody, to your possession and access schedule, and to enforce your rights to co-parent.

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