Modifications of Texas Custody Orders Based on Drug Abuse

by Ricardo Barrera

Modifications of Texas Custody Orders Based on Drug Abuse

Texas judges do not usually tolerate the illegal drug abuse of a parent subject to a Texas Custody order because the use of illegal substances may alter the judgment of the parent in keeping the child safe and properly supervised. The door does not completely close on a parent that has a drug problem. In fact, the most successful strategy in most cases is to openly admit the problem to the Court if faced with a test, so as to preserve credibility and to ensure that there is a program or plan in place to ensure that one tests negative at a later time. Often, the Court will require supervised visitation, a temporary change in custody, or some other modification while the problem gets sorted out and addressed. Courts will usually come down very hard on persons that are not honest with the Court, or persons that make false statements about important matters that are proven to be false, while attempting to lead the Court down a road that may put the child at risk. Courts do not put kids at risk. It is best to be a problem solver to the Court and not a problem source.

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