Motion to Modify Custody in Texas

by Ricardo Barrera

Motion to Modify Custody in Texas

What the Court Wants to Know

In Texas, Courts have a duty to look out for the best interest of children. Safety comes first. Sometimes a ‘good-time’ parent is desired by the teenager to be the parent that gets custody because they let the child have his girlfriend over more, or they have a later curfew, or they bbq every night and do not ask about homework. 

Sometimes, it’s about the teenager living with the parent that won’t pay as close attention. It’s important that all factors are evaluated prior to requesting modification of custody. Grades, attendance, discipline, drug use, alcohol use, and social factors are things the judge needs to know. Who will supervise? What’s the work schedule?

Very often, one parent has alienated a child from the other parent for so long that they crave to know that parent better, or they resent the other parent for years of missing time with the other parent that the need to change residences is in defiance for that. 

Know the Facts and Act Quickly

Courts need to know the whole story. Judges can become very unhappy when they make orders based on half-truths or outright lies. Sometimes it’s necessary to bring in a representative to investigate for the court and the benefit of the child, what is actually occurring. 

If you have a teenager seeking to leave the residence for the other parent, you must act quickly one way or the other to determine what to do. A skilled attorney can reveal years of experience in this area, especially those with children of their own.

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