My Teenaged Child Has Moved in With Me — What Do I Do Since I Don’t Have Custody?

by Ricardo Barrera

teenager and his dad sitting on a couchIt often happens that a teenager will move in with the other parent, the one that is not the custodial parent, because of convenience to school or activities, or because one parent makes much less money which may allow for higher grants in college, or for some other personal reason.

Teenagers are expensive. You must make certain that you modify custody to ensure that the court updates you as the custodial parent for authority necessary for school registration, college visit and prep, and enforcing house rules. 

Child support will not cease once your child is put in your custody. The Texas Attorney General can’t stop it with a phone call. You have to retain an attorney to modify the court order and ensure this is done in a timely manner or you may lose your money.

The bottom line is that unless you modify your court orders to reflect that teenager is under your custodial care, your control over the child, your finances, and your tax benefits may be negatively affected and will stay with the teenager’s other parent.

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