New Spouse, Denial of Child Visitation Orders and How to Get the Court to Straighten it Out

by Ricardo Barrera

New Spouse, Denial of Child Visitation Orders and How to Get the Court to Straighten it Out

In Texas, a parent may designate a competent adult for the pick up and drop off of a child subject to a child custody order. Sometimes a parent refuses to turn over the child to a person because they say they do not know them, or they know them, but don’t like them. 

It’s a good strategy to have a conversation with the mother or father of your child about integrating a new team member into the life of the children before one does so. Not only does this disarm the “surprise factor,“ but it helps to address concerns and set boundaries early. 

Usually boundaries are common sense and do not need to be addressed, yet some people feel compelled to confuse children as to how to address a new spouse as a mom or dad. Sometimes, the mere introduction and friendly phone call between family members that will be part of the life of the child goes a very long way, and it minimally makes one look strong in Court. 

This may be one of the top triggers of hostility, as well as the non coordination between parents as to how to manage the child uniformly in both households as to their best interest. Judges may make quick rulings to remedy a parent acting out of personal emotion towards the other instead of in the best interest of the child. 

Ultimately, one may have to fire off a petition to enforce an order by asking for the other parent to be put in contempt of Court. One may ask the Court to prohibit some behavior, or one may even request a child custody modification. These actions will take time and money, so it’s important you show a good faith attempt to handle this out of Court before taking it to the judge.

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