News Release – South Texas Law Firm Assisting Children and their Families with Anti-depressant-related Birth Defects

by Ricardo Barrera

The Barrera Law Firm, based in Harlingen, TX, is assisting Texas children who were born with birth defects due to mothers taking an antidepressant such as Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Prozac, Effexor and Celexa during pregnancy.

The Drugs
These drugs, usually called SSRIs, have been commonly prescribed to pregnant women and are associated with causing various birth defects in new born children. The most common defects are heart, lung or cranial defects, cleft lip or palate and club foot. “It is extremely troubling,” stated Ricardo Barrera, head of the firm, “that pregnant women have trusted in the manufacturers of these drugs to provide a safe and tested product only to find out that their children are now paying the heavy price.”

The Studies
In the recent past, the British Medical Journal published a study that infants born to women who were treated with SSRIs in late pregnancy carried twice the increased risk of a specific heart defect than infants born to women not on SSRIs. And the FDA, as early as 2005, issued a warning that Paxil, a prominent SSRI, “increases the risk for birth defects, particularly heart defects, when women take it during the first three months.”

The Help
It is sometimes difficult for qualified individuals to come forward but they may be entitled to compensation to offset the costly past and future expenses which can be associated with cases like these,” said Barrera. The companies involved need to be sent a strong message that their careless and dangerous products will not be tolerated,” he concluded.

Interested parties may contact the firm at (956) 428-2822 or on our contact page to see if they qualify.



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