Parental Rights Regarding Virtual Learning Options, Health and Court Orders During COVID-19

by Ricardo Barrera

Are you hesitant to return your child to school during COVID-19?  

Typically, most child support orders provide joint managing conservatorship rights relating to the health, education, and maintenance of the children. However, the joint managing conservator with the right to designate the residence of the children (custodial parent), has some superior rights relating to educational decisions in many cases. 

However, since the option of virtual learning may be based on health concerns, especially if there are underlying pre-existing health conditions, one may petition the court for a temporary or final modification of court orders for the health and safety of the child. 

Neglect of reasonable precautions such as CDC guidelines regarding protective personal equipment, sanitation practices and social distancing may also be grounds to seek help from the court for the best interest of the children.

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