Proposition Two for Financing Infrastructure Projects

by Ricardo Barrera

Proposition Two for Financing Infrastructure Projects

One of the proposed changes to the constitution of the State of Texas, Proposition Two, would allow Texas counties to issue debt bonds in order to raise funds for infrastructure projects such as building bridges, repairing and expanding drainage systems, and repairing roads that are operated by the county.

If Proposition Two is passed, counties would no longer need to use money from their general funds, a practice that has limited the number of projects that can be done.

Channel 4 Valley Central News contacted Harlingen Attorney Ricard Barrera for his comments on Proposition Two. He predicts that it would “completely untie the hands of our county to address drainage” and adds:

“Are you able to access your property through rural roads? If that’s a problem, this proposition will make it more simple and easier to hold your county commissioners accountable.”

See the Channel 4 Valley Central News report here.

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