Protective Orders in Texas: Automatic Arrest for Violation of Distance or Contact

by Ricardo Barrera

Domestic Violence

Protective Orders may be the difference between life and death when one is the victim of domestic violence. Sometimes, a person makes a threat such as, “if you leave me I will kill you.” Or the abuser pulls a knife or gun out and says they will kill you, they lock you in a room, they try to push you out of a car. There are many other ways that amount to the threat of violence.

It is important to know that the Court, in a protective order, may order that the aggressor be kicked out of the home, they may order a restriction to any contact, they may order a restriction in terms of how many feet they must stay away, they may restrict places one may go, who is on a protective order, and any violation of a protective order must result in an arrest. This means one does not have to wait for a crime to be committed to have a person arrested who is violent toward you. The mere violation of a protective order will result in an arrest.

One may also apply for a protective order for the protection of a child. If a protective order is granted against a person they are not able to own a firearm. A protective order can last for 2 years or a lifetime – it depends on the severity of the situation and what is needed to keep the victim safe.

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