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"I highly recommend Barrera Law Firm. Knowing how difficult it would be for a father to get custody of his children in the State of Texas he took my case and fought for me. Mr. Barrera and his colleague worked very hard on my case. Thanks to him and Mr. Gallaga they won my custody case. I'm very grateful for their help."

"Great legal representation! I highly recommend The Barrera Law Firm. Mr. Barrera was very knowledgeable and passionate! He never doubted our case or gave up on us! The staff was friendly and very reliable."

"Highly recommend The Barrera Law Firm. At the time that I walked into his office, I was a single mother of three trying my best to navigate my situation in court. I had absolutely no ability to communicate with my child’s father and I was not able to ever find a consensus with him, so much in fact that we had to go through the courts due to that. Mr. Barrera took care of my family and handled my case very well and made sure that I was always in the know of what was happening. He was very honest with me as well and let me know what could happen, what I should be concerned about and I am so grateful for finding his firm. I always recommend the best, and I recommend his Law Firm if you need an Attorney in a sensitive situation who will look out for you and take care of you in court. Finally, Mr. Barrera got me everything I needed, and I was able to move and start a better life with my kids. I am so grateful to his Law Firm. Thank you."

"My experience with Barrera law firm was amazing, very friendly environment. Attorneys made me feel very comfortable and let me know they’d try to do everything they could for me. I highly recommend them."

"I would highly recommend Ricardo Barrera and the Barrera Law Firm to anybody looking for representation in the south Texas area. In representing me, Ric proved to be a great attorney with an impressive knowledge of Texas law. He was laser-focused on my needs and goals and showed tremendous dedication, care and commitment to my case. I have never had an attorney so responsive and reachable. Ric did not hesitate to give me his cell number and encourage me to text him with any questions. Whenever I reached out, he would always respond almost immediately with clear, straight-forward answers. In my experience, Ric had a great working relationship and extensive experience with the attorneys and courts in Cameron County which enabled him to resolve my case in a speedy manner and prepare me for any questions that may have been asked in court. I am very grateful to Ric for being so helpful to me and going the extra mile in my case."

"I want to thank The Barrera Law firm for how well they handled my case. They came through just as promised. I had a hard time facing this battle, they were there for me every step of the way! Thank you, Barrera team!!"

"Mr. Barrera is the epitome of a true professional. He isn't going to tell you what you want to hear, he is going to be completely transparent and truthful while going above and beyond to ensure in the end you have a favorable outcome. His extensive knowledge of the law and his work ethic make him the obvious choice when choosing an attorney. Mr. Barrera and his legal secretary have been great at staying in communication with me during this whole process and I am very grateful for the attention he has given my case despite his busy workload. If you find yourself in a tough family law situation or should you be faced with a legal issue that seems impossible, I highly recommend The Barrera Law Firm. He truly has been a godsend!"

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