It’s Probably Time to See an Attorney About Wills, Powers of Attorneys, or Guardianship due to COVID-19

by Ricardo Barrera

COVID-19 has unfortunately been most deadly to our elderly and disabled. This is a fact. It’s not easy to confront.


It’s important to know that a will should simplify, reduce the cost and assist in leaving no conflicts between relatives related to the wishes and possessions of the deceased. 

Our firm is assisting in providing services by video chat and email for any person needing documents who is secluded in their home or at a healthcare facility.

Powers of Attorney 

If you have a family member who needs assistance going to the bank, paying bills, and keeping up with obligations, it may help to put your trust in someone to execute your wishes through a power of attorney. 

A power of attorney is only a green light to help do things for another. It does not put you in that person’s shoes to prevent or exclude transactions or access to others. That right to exclude others or to act as if in the legal shoes of the person can only be achieved through a guardianship.


Guardianship may be necessary when a person is no longer able to take care of themselves and there is a risk to them unless someone steps into their shoes and takes full legal responsibility for them. 

This may apply to an elderly person, or to a person who is mentally challenged, or during a short-term accident or disability. Guardianships provide the highest level of protection and require annual reports to verify the person is being taken care of and that there is no self-dealing.

It’s important to retain a qualified attorney to assist in these matters. The Barrera Law Firm is participating in telephonic free consultations and select in person interviews. Free to call us at (956) 428-2822 or contact us online

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