Whistleblower Alert: Should Pharma Companies Pay Psychiatrists for Promotional Work in Heavy Medicaid Areas?

Federally-funded healthcare programs are being depleted at a rapid rate. Promotional work by physicians is generally allowed when not in violation of the Stark Law and the Federal False Claims Act i.e. Off Label etc. However some physicians may not be qualified as experts in the areas of medication they promote and others may have pending disciplinary matters that make them even less qualified to do promotional work in that area.

The Rio Grande Valley in Texas has over 400,000 people who are eligible to receive Medicaid. Are Pharma companies knowingly competing for that government money?

Whistleblowers are generally compensated for providing evidence of fraud on government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and TriCare. A private attorney may assist a whistleblower to prepare a complaint on behalf of either or both the federal and state government so that funds may be recovered and the government has an opportunity to intervene. Cases are filed under seal and are highly confidential. Complex rules exist that regulate the conduct of whistleblowers.

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