Some Migrants are Being Released Without a Court Date

by Ricardo Barrera

News Footage - Some Migrants are Being Released Without a Court Date

As reported by Channel 4 Valley Central News, the volume of migrants entering the U.S. has prompted the Department of Homeland Security to fast-track release without setting a court date.

Usually, migrants receive a notice to appear with a specific court date before they are released.  The court date signifies the beginning of the process to determine whether the migrant will be allowed to stay or deported.  To ease the strain on DHS resources, some migrants will be contacted with a court date after their release.

Attorney Ricardo Barrera was asked to comment.  He says, “It’s almost impossible right now for the Department of Homeland Security to hold onto these people because it will drain so much of their resources.”  He adds that:

“There is significant processing that goes on before release.  There’s entry of family ties, there’s multiple relatives’ addresses and places.  It’s not just a “fill out the form and you get to go type of thing”.  It’s really in-depth.

“The government is very well aware of where these people will be.  And in most of the cases, and you can look up the numbers, these people aren’t just running away.  They are finding the people and, in most cases, they’re getting notice of their court dates.”

See the full story here.

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