Summer Possession Order Enforcement in Texas Child Custody Orders

by Ricardo Barrera

Under the Texas Family Code, the standard possession provides the non-custodial parent a period of summer-time visitation. If not otherwise designated, prior to April 15th, the non-custodial parent would exercise visitation from July 1st to July 31st if they reside within 100 miles of each other.  

At times, this possession period may be unjustly denied, causing summer plans and visits with relatives to be ruined. 

In these times, it is most common that a parent will justify denial of visitation based on alleged pandemic concerns. This may be a form of parental alienation. As long as a parent is using common sense precautions or following CDC guidelines, there should be no denial of visitation. 

One may be entitled to punish a parent who unjustly denies a court ordered period of visitation through civil and/or criminal penalties, including make-up time and attorney fees.

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