Can a Step-Parent Use Corporal Punishment on Their Spouse’s Child?

Texas law provides that only the conservator or parent of a child may have a right to use corporal punishment on a child and that it must be reasonable. 

One should check their court orders under rights and duties to ensure it’s specifically mentioned.

Corporal punishment should never be used while a parent is angry — never. If punishment is necessary, avoid using any force that will physically injure a child. Spankings for children 12 and under is traditional in our culture, but choking, punching, or pulling hair may land you in CPS court.

A step-parent may deny privileges to the child such as electronics, free time, and rewards. A step-parent should not deny meals or nutritious foods as punishment for any reason.

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How Can a Stepfather or Stepmother Adopt a Child in Texas?

Texas law provides that a stepfather or stepmother may be a co-applicant, along with the biological parent, for the termination of parental rights and adoption of a child in Texas.

Termination of parental rights can be achieved through various means that focus on the best interest of the child.  One of the more popularly used means is “failed to support the child for one year.” Another popular method is by agreement and voluntary affidavit to terminate parental rights and consent to adoption.

It is permissible to give rights to certain back child support upon adoption, but the State of Texas may intervene if the child received state benefits. Health support arrears for Medicaid is completely up to the state and often remains as a debt that becomes the asset of the state.

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