Texas Child Custody: Important Easter Holiday Notice

by Ricardo Barrera
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For those of you subject to a Texas child support or custody order, those of you who are the nonpossessory, the ones without the custody, have the visitation, you should know that you have a tricky time period right now. 

Last weekend, if you recall, Friday was the 31st. Now that’s the fifth weekend of March. Now, this upcoming weekend would be the first Friday of April. So you have both weekends. That means the non-custodial parents will have Easter weekend this weekend unless they have a different custom rendition in their order or something different from the standard order. 

So it’s important that everybody enjoys a Happy Easter and refrain from overconsumption of alcohol. Do not drink and drive with children in the car. Ensure that there is safety first for your children, and have fun. Religious training is the prerogative of the parent in possession for the people who are joint managing conservators. So enjoy your religious traditions, your holiday with your children. 

Make sure that we keep those roadways safe, that we make sure that the children are not put in a position where there’s intoxication and arguments and things involved and make it for the kids. It’s a beautiful holiday. It’s a beautiful holiday and a religious context. Beautiful holiday for the children, and it is something starting new. 

So let’s have a good Easter, Happy Easter, work with the Barrera Law Firm. 

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