Texas Child Support Cases, Paternity Suits, and Original Court Orders Establishing Child Support, Custody, and Visitation

by Ricardo Barrera

Childs hand in fathers hand

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In Texas, one may be summoned into Court upon a good-faith accusation that one fathered one or more children, so the Court can establish the conservatorship (rights and duties over children, the support (child support, medical and dental), and the possession and access over the child. These categories are complicated and each case is specific as to additional requests that should be made for the best interest of the child. 

One of the first things one may do is request a paternity test in order to challenge the presumption or assumption of paternity made by the state due to the sworn affidavit of the mother. Many times, it has occurred the mother got it wrong, naming a more stable suiter as opposed to a worthless deadbeat that tests to be the actual father. It’s worth the challenge. 

Occasionally, one must request from the Court through proper form or Counter Suit, additional provisions not automatically provided for in the standard child support orders such as geographic restrictions, injunctions against drug addicted boyfriend or girlfriend or persons with a dangerous criminal history to be around the child, or additional orders to assist with long distance visitation like splitting travel costs, longer summers, and daily electronic communication.

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