Texas Custody Cases and the Parent That Cannot Make the Hard Decisions

by Ricardo Barrera

Texas Custody Cases and the Parent That Cannot Make the Hard Decisions

Texas Custody Orders usually designate a parent to serve as the “Custodial Parent” because of several factors that revolve around willingness and availability to ensure children are engaged in educational and developmental activities in a dependable and effective manner. If a parent is consistently late to school for pick up or drop off, the parent does not ensure homework, tests, and study preparation is made, and the parent does not ensure nutritious meals and adequate rest so the child is not falling asleep in class, then that parent may lose their job – they get fired as Custodial Parent. Often, the other parent is ready and willing to slip into the job. The job requires shuffling through backpacks to verify homework, checking grades, working through the homework, turning off the lights and electronics for bed, and making sure that adequate food and rest is provided so that they may apply and participate in their education to the optimum degree. A Custodial Parent is not the best friend of the child, it is not the fun time pal, it is the job of the shepherd to watchover, guide, and protect the child. Can you make the hard decisions? 

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