Texas Custody Orders and Relocation of Child’s Residence

by Ricardo Barrera

Texas Custody Orders and Relocation of Child’s Residence

Summertime is statistically one of the most consistent times of the year where there is the risk or need for relocation of a parent that has custody rights of a child. So long as no geographical restrictions are in place as to the residence of the child, a parent may provide 60 days notice as to their intention to move, along with other descriptions as to where the residence will be and the school for the child. This notice must also be sent to the court clerk and the Texas Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division.

Arguments for moving the child to another area may include financial benefit, more family support, lack of possession by the other parent, crime or drug related activity of the other parent, or change of environment for the child to address a medical or educational need.

Arguments against the relocation of the child include parental alienation of the other parent due to inability to travel, inability to pay for travel accommodations, and any other factor that works against the best interest of the child, including, but not limited to, the moving of the child to accommodate a newly acquired romantic interest.

In general, it’s important to seek legal counsel from a qualified attorney relating to either scenario before any moves are planned for and made, or before any plan to contest the move is made. 

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