The Texas Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Use and Defense in Divorce and Custody Cases

by Ricardo Barrera

The Texas Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Use and Defense in Divorce and Custody Cases

A Temporary Restraining Order in Texas Family Law cases is not like your typical restraining order. It can contain orders for the protection of property, the protection of people, and can have a temporary order prior to a hearing, that must occur within 14 days unless extended by the judge, to kick out a spouse from the house, or take immediate possession of children.

Sometimes spouses don’t play fair. Sometimes money is moved, money is given away, or children can be removed or relocated. It’s important that there are rules in place. It’s important that consequences may occur for playing dirty and the start of a case may sometimes require the issuance of temporary orders to keep everyone honest, to protect the property, to protect the kids, and to ensure there is absolutely no retribution for the filing of a divorce or custody case against the filed. 

A protective order is 100% different than a restraining order. A protective order makes rules that the mere presence of a person within so many feet of a person, the call or text to a protected person, or going to or selling places of work, homes, schools will result in an automatic arrest if the court issues the order based on whether family violence will occur and whether it’s likely family violence will occur in the future.

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