Tips on Co-Parenting During COVID-19 and When to Consider Custody Modifications

by Ricardo Barrera

School is out. Shelter in place, shelter at home, or quarantine may be the new normal for a while. Now is the time, more than ever, to lay differences aside and do what is in the best interest for children, as their LIVES may literally DEPEND on how wise your decisions are.

  1. Regardless of whether it’s in a court order, permit as much Skype, FaceTime, or electronic communication with the other parent as desired. This is about keeping the kids happy and feeling as normal as possible and not about pride — just do it.
  2. If one parent is a healthcare provider, essential worker, first responder etc., ensure that a routine is in place to clean, disinfect, and wash your body and clothes before major contact with the children. Maintain this practice even when the kids are with the other parent.
  3. Make sure your children are eating balanced meals, not eating excess sugar, so their immune system is performing right. Excess sugar tends to tear down the immune system. 
  4. Supplement with a real daily vitamin. Research it. Make sure it is high in vitamins A, D and C. 
  5. Participate daily in home school with the kids, limit TV time, and go to your backyard to get a little sun and exercise on a daily basis if you can.
  6. Be open and honest with the other parent if you are unable to step up and do those things or if your work obligations may cause problems or put your kids’ health at risk. 

A temporary modification of child support, custody, and possession and access may be achieved by agreement in order to satisfy the best interest of the children during COVID-19 changes to life and in consideration of the above co-parenting tips. We handle those with the courts routinely and can help.

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