Uncontested Divorces in Texas- How do they Really Work?

by Ricardo Barrera

Returning wedding ringUnder Texas Law, several factors are considered by the Courts in determining what happens with children and property. Two parties may make agreements and those agreements will be considered by the Court to determine if they are a just and right division of the community property and whether the agreement is in the best interest of the child or children.

Uncontested divorces can be very useful in saving thousands of dollars in attorney fees, in saving much embarrassment from the community regarding personal and private information becoming a matter of public record, and in saving time from numerous hearings and hours in the courtroom.

It is important that if you are pursuing an agreed divorce where both sides have worked out all the issues, that you understand your full rights regarding the custody and care of the children, and that you understand the scope of the property that you are entitled to divide. Sometimes, property that one is entitled to get is never revealed or known. It is important to have a skilled attorney be able to discover what property is up for agreement, so that a just and right division of property may be proposed to the Court. Many times, one party will represent there is “nothing to divide” when there are retirement accounts and gifts made to other parties and properties held in trust by relatives etc.

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