What Will Happen with the New Abortion Law in Texas? Channel 4 Valley Central News Asks the Expert

by Ricardo Barrera

New Abortion Law in Texas - Channel 4 Valley Central News Asks the Expert

On September 1, 2021 a new law in Texas, SB8, came into effect. SB8 bans abortions after fetal heartbeat is detected, which generally occurs around the sixth week of pregnancy. SB8 further allows private citizens to sue any clinic that performs abortions after that six-week mark and makes anyone assisting a person in getting an abortion after the six-week mark subject to litigation.

The new Texas law was challenged by the Biden administration on September 9th. The result of the challenge is that a federal judge has issued an order blocking the new state law. The judge’s order also blocks state court judges and clerks from enforcing SB8.

Channel 4 Valley Central News asked their legal expert, Attorney Ricardo Barrera, for his comments on the issue.

Attorney Barrera anticipates that the State of Texas will appeal the federal judge’s order. If Texas wins in appellate court, the opposing side is expected to appeal. He further expects that lawyers for the Biden administration will ask that the matter be heard in the (federal) Supreme Court and that:

“The Supreme Court is waiting to hear this issue. They are waiting with hands clasped, and they are watching.”

Read the full Channel 4 Valley Central News report.

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