Will COVID-19 Affect My Court Orders Regarding Visitation?

by Ricardo Barrera

The Texas Supreme Court has clarified that the court orders relating to possession and access STAND regardless of COVID-19 orders for lockdown or shelter in place. 

One may come to an agreement with the other parent if a child is more susceptible to the disease because they are a healthcare provider or are an essential worker. Agreements should be in writing, they should be detailed and finite, signed by both parties, and filed with the court.

One should take care to have a signed copy or letter from an attorney where a signed order is not available, so travel with the child may go smoother in case of local checkpoint or safety stops when traveling with the child for the purpose of court ordered exchange. 

If the other parent is on notice and refuses to follow the court order, one may seek civil and criminal remedies against the other person in the form of a Petition to Enforce Court Orders.

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